Maintenance Plans by Trenary Service

Maintenance Plans Keep Your Equipment in Peak Performance

AC Only

One system

Gas Furn/AC

One system

Heat Pump/AC

One system

Electric Furn/AC

One system


1st time $250.00
One system

Dual Fuel (Gas Furn/Oil Furn W/HP)

One system

Oil Furn/AC

One system

Drum Style Oil Furn/AC

One system

*$100.00 For Each Additional System

Trenary Service agrees to perform preventative maintenance as stated in this contract. We agree to provide you with the maintenance semi-annually as indicated and described below for your heating and air conditioning equipment during the term indicated. Maintenance procedures include:

  1. Check and clean coils
  2. Check contactor, relays, reversing valves and defrost switches
  3. Check and oil motors
  4. Check refrigerant and coil damage
  5. Check line set for leaks
  6. Check air filter(s), replace disposables
  7. For oil systems: Replace nozzles (Winter Visit)
  8. For Oil systems: Change filters (Winter Visit)
  9. Inspect Burners (Winter Visit)


Price will include:

In one year period: Two (2) maintenance services, (One (1) maintenance for straight AC systems). Customer pays for all parts such as: Contactors, relays, refrigerant, motor ect: (Unless under warranty). To take advantage of our yearly maintenance services: download our maintenance agreement.

This contract implies no warranties. After completing the form a staff member will contact you.