Boiler Repair

Boilers for heating are often found in homes that use radiant floor heat, or in older homes with radiators used to heat each room. Using hot water or steam, boiler heating systems produce radiant heat. Boilers warm your home comfortably, without the drying effect that can be a side effect of forced air heating.

Because steam or hot water is involved, and deadly carbon monoxide leaks are possible, you should act quickly when your boiler malfunctions. At Your Comfort Services, we offer prompt, satisfaction guaranteed boiler repairs.

How Boilers Work for Home Heating

Boilers heat water, and produce steam, which is distributed through your home’s radiators. Radiators are often found next to a wall in each room of your house. If you don’t have radiators for heating, the heated water or steam may be directed through a radiant floor system, typically through piping running under your floor. Your boiler may be fueled by natural gas or oil.

Typical older boilers lose some of the heat they produce into the air, and it goes to waste, rather than going toward heating your home. Boilers in service for more than 10 years often have low efficiency ratings, with significant (30 to 50%) of fuel/energy wasted.

Boiler Repair

When you call for boiler service, one of our experienced technicians will soon arrive to inspect your unit and diagnose your boiler malfunction. We will clearly explain what type of work is needed to restore your boiler to safe operating condition. We come prepared with proper tools and common parts so that, whenever possible, we can complete your repair in one service call for your convenience.

Our experienced HVAC technicians fix boiler heating issues like:

  • Boiler leaks
  • Pilot light problems
  • Cracks in the boiler unit
  • Boilers too hot or overheating
  • Banging noises from the boiler
  • And many more boiler problems solved

Boiler Installation or Replacement

Even large, heavy-duty heating equipment, like a boiler, can’t run forever. If your boiler unit is beyond repair, or is costing you more and more in monthly energy bills (and you’d like an upgrade), we can help you choose a new model. We sell and install a variety of boiler options, and we can provide the proper size/capacity and style for your needs.

Advantages of a new boiler install include:

  • High efficiency: We carry and recommend high-efficiency boiler systems. These are engineered to capture heat that escapes into the air from your boiler, and re-direct it back into the radiant heating coils carrying heat to your home.
  • Dependability: Boilers are built tough, so you’ll get more than a decade (often much more) of service from your new model. With annual professional boiler maintenance from our team, you can help ensure you never have a boiler breakdown again—and you can extend the useful life of the new boiler well into the future.
  • Ease of use: New models offer simple, easily accessible controls.
  • Eco-friendly: Using efficient new boilers can help reduce harm to the environment, especially since boilers see heavy use through our winters.
  • Size options: New boilers come in a variety of sizes to suit your home’s needs.
  • Lower energy costs: The modern design of today’s boilers minimizes any energy waste, and means your energy bills will be lower after your new boiler installation. The longer you plan to live in your home, the more you will save. Should you decide to sell in future, a nearly new boiler might even help your home sell faster.
  • New warranty: All of our boilers come with a warranty providing peace of mind. Our installation work comes with a satisfaction guarantee that you can count on.

Where to Find Local Boiler Repair and Installation Experts

Get your boiler repair, installation or replacement, and professional maintenance from the local home heating experts at Trenary Service. We know and understand boiler heating! You can trust in our 40+ years of experience. Contact us for all your boiler service needs.