Air Cleaners

Air pollution within the home is not something one worries frequently about, but the EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Many believe that outdoor air has the pollution that is hurtful, but the EPA reports that indoor air is over one hundred times more polluted than outdoor air.

By utilizing an air cleaning system in your house, you can make your home the safest place to breath. Trenary Service Company in Martinsburg, WV can install an air cleaning system for you today!

What exactly are you breathing in without an air cleaning system? The air that normally comes through when you turn on your heating and air cooling system is filled with dust, allergens, pet dander, bacteria and viruses.

Air cleaners work by integrating with your home’s cooling and heating system and essentially making it a filtering system to stop these toxins in their tracks. While there are many different types of air cleaners, a whole-home air cleaner is best because it runs when your system runs. The air you breathe is filtered to remove harmful toxins before it is cooled or heated and then circulated through your home.

An air cleaning system requires little to no maintenance by you, the homeowner. Because the system integrates with your air conditioning and heating systems, it does all the work for you. The only maintenance required is the replacement of the filters every one to two years, and our team can easily handle that for you.

Points to Consider

Why you need a whole-house air cleaning system:

Respiratory Problems—94% of respiratory problems are caused by inhaling polluted air.

Asthma—Over 30 million Americans have asthma. An air cleaning system could easily give relief.

Dust—In one ounce of dust, there are over 40,000 dust mites.

Pet Dander—Over 15% of people are allergic to pet dander.

Skin Flakes—The average person sheds over 700,000 skin flakes in a day.

The Air We Breathe—Adults inhale over 3,500 gallons of air a day. How much of that is polluted?

Features of the Right Air Cleaner for Your Home

When shopping for the perfect whole-home air cleaner for your home, you must consider many things. Be sure to think about the following qualities before purchasing an air cleaner:

Maintenance Frequency–Some air cleaners require replacing the filters very frequently, while others recommend a longer period of one to three months.

Quality Level—Be sure the cleaner is built to last for many years to come.

Sound Level—You do not want to hear your air cleaner throughout the day! Make sure you get one that is silent.

Square Footage—Some cleaners only promise to filter a room. Be sure to get one that filters the entire square footage of your home.

Poor air quality in a home can only exacerbate any respiratory problems you or your family members experience. Breathing in pollution can also aid in the development of respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Your home, which many people consider to be the one place that they feel safe, could be endangering the health of you and your family.

Call Trenary Service Company of Martinsburg, WV to install a home air cleaner today. We will make your home a place where you can breathe easy and know that your family is healthy.