Home Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Air conditioners maintain the temperature and humidity of buildings, particularly in warm climates. An air conditioning unit removes the hot air from your house and blows it over a set of cool pipes called evaporator coils. The cold air is then sent back into your home. Unlike heating units, air conditioners are complicated mechanical systems that rely on a wide variety of factors to work correctly. If you’re looking for air conditioner service and repair, we can assist with both residential and commercial properties.

Air Conditioning Installation

Some air conditioning units can be installed by simply putting them on your windowsill. However, for central air, a trained professional will be needed. Central air conditioning systems send the cooled air through the ductworks of your home. The air is filtered and the humidity level held in check. Along with the unit itself, a thermostat is installed to allow for easy control over the temperature of your house. We have experience with a wide range of air conditioning unit makes and can suggest the best one for your property.

Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of an air conditioning unit prevents against future costly repairs in addition to increasing efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and lengthening the life of your unit. Some routine maintenance can be accomplished by the homeowner, such as cleaning or changing the filters or removing dirt from the evaporator coils. However, for the best possible results, the US Department of Energy recommends hiring a professional to check the refrigerant level, measure airflow through the evaporator coil, verify correct electric control sequences, and check the internal components of the unit for damage or wear. We provide these and other maintenance services and even offer discounts on annual plans.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning units are complicated machines. While some problems can be patched up by the homeowner, for best results it is best to call an expert. We have over 40 years of experience working with both heating and cooling units and are familiar with all types of models and systems. More importantly for those hot summer months, we can find and repair the problem quickly.

Signs that your Air Conditioning Requires Repair

  1. Water leak or ice formation – this can mean the drainage tubes are blocked or broken.
  2. Limited airflow – this may be caused by a damaged blower fan or blockages in the ductwork of your house.
  3. Odd noises – any sound that is not ordinary most likely signifies something is not working correctly.
  4. Strange odors – If this occurs, seek professional assistance immediately. A plant or fungus may be growing in the unit or else the electrical wires may be overheated.
  5. Difficulty starting / stopping – this might indicate a wiring issue between the A/C unit and your thermostat.

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