Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnace service and repair are among those invaluable services that aren’t needed all of the time, but that can be of vital importance when they are. If your furnace isn’t functioning properly, it can make a huge impact on your quality of life—especially in the colder months.

Furnaces are usually extremely costly to replace, so it is important to check whether a faulty furnace can be repaired before you take that step. Highly trained professionals, like those on our team at Trenary Service Company in Martinsburg, WV, can inspect your furnace and identify the issue that is causing all of the trouble.

While we are always more than happy to help and advise our clients, sometimes there are simple solutions to the issues you are experiencing that anyone can solve. Be sure to check these common mistakes if you are experiencing furnace problems:

1. The Furnace May Be Off — This sounds simple, but be sure to check that the furnace is actually switched on. Sometimes it can be accidentally turned off by mistake, without you even noticing.
2. The Door May Be Open — Furnaces are fickle when it comes to the door being completely closed. Be sure that the door is shut tight and in the proper position, otherwise the furnace will simply not function. It may have come out of place during a filter change.
3. The Filter May Be Too Dirty — You should regularly replace your furnace filter. A dirty filter is one of the top reasons that furnaces stop working. Replacing your filter is easy and prevents overheating (which is what causes the furnace to fail), so be sure you are diligent in replacing it!
4. You May Have Closed Too Many Registers — If more than twenty percent of your registers are closed, it can create unnecessary heat buildup and cause your furnace to stop working. Be sure that you close only up to twenty percent of the registers.
5. Lastly, Try Resetting It — As a last resort, reset your furnace using the reset button. If you reset it more than once, be sure to wait 30 minutes between reset attempts to let the motor cool.

Furnace Repair

If none of these small fixes work to solve your furnace problem, it is time to call in the professionals! If you live in Martinsburg, WV, be sure to contact our team at Trenary Service Company right away. When it comes to a faulty furnace, you have no time to lose.

Our furnace experts will evaluate your furnace, and in a short time, they will be able to understand the issue. We will advise you on what repairs you need, or if you need to replace the furnace altogether. This is a last resort, however. In most cases, we will be able to repair your furnace in no time!

Additionally, to prevent such issues from happening in the future, it is important to have your furnace inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Talk to our team about setting up your optimal maintenance schedule today!

Furnace Installation

When you need to install a completely new central heating system or install a brand new furnace in an already existing one, you want equipment that will deliver the most reliable comfort for your family while also being cost-effective and efficient. Trenary Service Company in Martinsburg, WV can help you make the most informed decision. We have extensive experience in all types of gas, electric, and oil furnaces and pumps.

Although a more efficient furnace can cost a bit more, it will compensate for this by reducing operating costs and charges in the future. In this way, you are increasing the value and efficiency of your home operating costs.

Contact us today for all your furnace repair and installation needs!